Scope of Exhibits

Participants will see a variety of high-quality, stylish exhibits including:

  •  Casket & Urn 

Casket & Urn made of metal, wood, crystal, paper and some advanced materials

  •  Monument & Stone

Tombstone; Monument; Slab Stone etc

  •  Equipment & Machinery

Embalming Equipment; Cremation Equipment; Cold Storage Equipment; Morgue Equipment; Protective Clothing; Excavation Equipment; Disaster Pouches / Human Remain Bags; Cosmetics; Stone Working Machines; Incineration Equipment; Funeral Vehicles etc

  •  Keepsake & Memorial Products

Jewelry; Painting / Photo; Handicraft; Pet Funeral / Mamorial Products; Candles etc

  • Technology & Services

Embalming technology; Repatriation services; Cemetery services; Computer, website, Internet-related services; Cremation services; Pre-planning & other consulting services etc

  •  Accessories & Materials

Paper; Fabric; Plastics; Chemical; Timber; Metal; Coffin Handles & Ornaments; Decorations and Fittings for Funeral Products etc

...... and more!

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